Stopped down Metering on the Canon AE-1

I found a Canon 55 mm f1.2 FL lens at the flea market and wanted to use it on my AE-1 which is designed for FD lenses, surprisingly my search of the internet did not turn up a good simple explanation of how to use an FL lens on the AE-1. I figured out I need to use “stopped down metering” but was not really clear on why or how it worked, well I’ve figured it out and here is a nice simple guide. Read More

How to Easily Develop Black and White Film at Home

This process is based on my research of the stand method for film development, with the stand method you use just enough developer to develop the film in a very diluted solution and let it sit till it is done. Technically my method is semi-stand because I agitate it in the middle to avoid an exposure gradient across the film. This is the most simple and easy way I am aware of to develop black and white film at home. Below I will outline what you need with links to all the specific products followed by simple step by step instructions. Read More